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Düsseldorf – City of Ideas: 100 years of design and advertising in Düsseldorf

Students and lecturers from the design faculty at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences spent two years studying and researching their project to present 100 years of design in, from and for Düsseldorf. Their extensive exhibition went on show at the Düsseldorf Japan House towards the end of last year and was augmented with a series of special lectures. The catalogue, containing more than 1,200 illustrations across over 400 pages, was sponsored and published by the Druckstudio Group.

Druckstudio is the first printer in the world to adopt the Heidelberg Saphira Eco product line

At Druckstudio, a comprehensive approach to the issue of sustainability in its individual ecological, economical and social dimensions is by no means a recent trend, but has instead served as its guiding principle for the last several years. As such, the Druckstudio Group in Düsseldorf is the first printer in the world to implement that approach with regard to consumables and completely switch to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG’s environmentally friendly Saphira Eco line, which satisfies even the most stringent environmental standards for consumables in the print media industry. Saphira Eco is the first collection on the market of inks, coatings, printing plates and other consumables exclusively based on environmentally friendly criteria. It allows Druckstudio to complete its transition to a fully sustainability-orientated business model.

Druckstudio supports children’s hospice in Düsseldorf

The Druckstudio Group recently began supporting the “Regenbogenland” (rainbow land) children’s hospice and prints an informative newspaper free of charge for the establishment. Through this sponsorship, the print shop is expanding its social commitment as part of its sustainability strategy.

Druckstudio goes X(X)L

The world’s first Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 in the new drupa design was set up at Druckstudio GmbH in March 2008. The five-colour machine with inline coating unit is our industry’s productivity benchmark. Designed for maximum print output of 18,000 sheets per hour in 75 x 105 format, the fully-automated Speedmaster XL 105 is the perfect production machine for industrial label, packaging and job printing.