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Multi-channel publishing –
for faster, easier and more secure publishing

Do you design a magazine, write brochures, print catalogues, organise sales materials or plan annual reports? In other words – do you produce media? If so, you will be familiar with the daily challenges that arise when keeping track of all the people involved and their various contributions.

Using a range of very different files and formats requires assets to be stored in a structured, meaningful and secure way, and staff at various locations or even in different countries will need to be coordinated. The long journey that leads up to approving the finalised data for printing or publication on digital channels includes many different stages and obstacles – and the cost and time pressure involved is often high.

If you are looking to eliminate complexity and sources of error, and instead make these processes faster, simpler and more secure, you are sure to benefit from a smart, reliable control centre. Our WoodWing Enterprise multi-channel publishing system is an intelligent tool that helps you work in a more flexible, reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to prepare your data for cross-media use. We work with you directly to create the ideal workflow for your publications – providing solutions that are specifically tailored to your processes and draw on the full support of our experienced team.

You can rely on a market-leading system that has proved its worth all over the world and ensures smooth operations wherever it is used. Not just in large corporations, but also in SMEs.


The advantages of our centralised system:

  • Time and cost savings throughout media production
  • Coordination of all staff involved
  • Increased productivity thanks to greater efficiency
  • Accelerated production cycle (time-to-market)
  • Quick internationalisation process (multilingual production)
  • Overview of current project status at any time
  • Multi-channel publishing on print, web, tablet and social media channels ¥ Quick setup ¥ Easy to use
  • Assured reliability
  • Future-focused technology standards

Renting instead of buying – an immediate-start solution

Purchasing and maintaining an editorial system is a major investment that is likely to take time to recoup in your company, too. For smaller businesses in particular, costs, inadequate IT infrastructure and a lack of expertise can pose major problems. By contrast, large companies often have difficulties integrating new systems into their existing IT. We have now developed a practical, easy-to-implement solution to help you get off to an immediate and cost-effective start – the WoodWing multi-channel publishing system is also available as a rental model. This gives you access to a business model that until now has been largely restricted to large corporate customers.

This brings advantages right from day one:

  • Our rental model makes your monthly costs easy to manage and plan and does not require large-scale investment.
  • We take care of updates, configuration and maintenance for the system, acting as your administrators. This provides you with direct access to any further developments we make to the system.
  • Functional enhancements, automation and intelligent connections with other systems ensure a high-performance product that can be expanded on a modular basis.

If we can be of any assistance in optimising your processes, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to provide you with additional information, incuding examples of how our system works.