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When it comes to reproducing beauty, respecting the original is crucial too

As a print and media service provider in the premium segment, we have one aim – to be the best and the most sustainable.

But how can we combine business success with ecological and social responsibility? For us as a profitable, innovative and responsible print and media service provider, this is not a contradiction in terms. It is a task we are committed to pursuing – and we have found a clear and simple solution:

We are widening the spectrum – at all levels of our activities.

In doing so, it is important to consider how we live, think and act.

  • We don’t just focus on high quality – we’re also actively involved in driving climate protection forward.
  • We don’t just seek out our own advantages – we also want to give back to society.
  • We don’t just demand credibility from others – we also demonstrate transparency ourselves.
  • We don’t just invest in state-of-the-art presses and technologies – we also place great emphasis on exceptionally qualified and well-motivated staff.
  • We don’t just think about ourselves and our customers – we also have the next generation in mind.

In other words – we are actively committed to sustainability.

Sustainability is not just an empty phrase for us. It has been an integral part of our company and our growth and value-added strategy for many years. This commitment stands to benefit us all. The environment thanks to the resources we conserve and the resulting significant reduction in pollution. Our employees thanks to professional and financial support and secure jobs. Society, which also reaps the benefits we give back. And, of course, our customers, who can be sure that they are receiving print products that meet the highest quality and ecological standards, which in turn benefits their business and image.

That is why the countless prizes, awards and certificates we have collected in recent years are so important to us. They underline the effectiveness of our measures, are a valuable sign that our products and services can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ processes through compliance with ISO standards, and are a clear signal that we should continue to invest in sustainability in future.

This is how we combine business with ecology and social responsibility. In a nutshell, we are committed to sustainability. Like no other company in the industry.

20 June 1977


Rolf Albers, Werner Drechsler, Fotini Drechsler, Dirk Puslat, Michael Amft

50 Employees 

Full-service partner for high-quality print products and media services.

Production, consulting and sales operations for print products and media services used in print-based and digital communication channels (web/mobile/tablet/social media), and all associated activities and services.

Support for Sterntaler Düsseldorf (charitable association for the support of children and young people in need), support for dolphin aid e.V. (dolphin therapy for children), support for the Düsseldorf based children`s hospice Regenbogenland, support for Kindertafel Düsseldorf, close contact with vocational schools, inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce.