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As key pillars of our corporate philosophy, sustainability and environmental protection are a top priority for us. For many years, we have taken concrete steps to move away from energy and resource-intensive production towards a gentler and more environmentally friendly approach. In doing so, we endeavour to ensure transparency and credibility at all times. That applies to ourselves and to all the partners and suppliers that contribute to our environmental protection measures. Our customers can therefore be sure that they are receiving print products and media services that meet the highest quality and ecological standards, which in turn has benefits for their own business and image.

We are totally committed to protecting the environment.
Because we are totally committed to sustainable environmental protection, we don’t just make superficial gestures – we get to the very roots of issues with a range of practical measures.

For a number of years now, we have been committed to systematically protecting the environment and using sustainable and effective solutions that far exceed normal standards.

Having a permanent environmental management system in place in all areas of our Group that features emission-saving projects and far-reaching energy efficiency measures certainly isn’t something every company can lay claim to. For us, however, it is crucial to our commitment to sustainability and to our firm belief that environmental protection and cost-effectiveness are two sides of the same coin.

To keep our resource consumption as low as possible without compromising growth, we invest in cutting-edge technologies, environmentally friendly consumables that meet the highest quality standards, and a range of other practical measures, such as our certification with the Blue Angel, which is by far the most stringent and credible ecolabel in the printing sector today. These confirm our consistent commitment to quality and the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production of our print products:

Our current environmental indicators


reduction in our
CO2 emissions


reduction in our relative
energy consumption


of our products are
printed on FSC®, PEFC or Blue Angel papers

Environmental criteria in printing

How you benefit from green, eco-friendly printing with us

We use environmentally friendly FSC®-certified paper from sustainably managed forests or recycled paper with the Blue Angel ecolabel.

Inks and toners
Our (organic) inks based on vegetable oil contain no mineral oil or hazardous substances.

Printing materials and resources
Chemical-free plate development, usage of detergents that are low in VOCs and IPA-free (alcohol-free) printing.

Standard inks, toners, coatings, foils and adhesives have passed laboratory tests assessing de-inking/removal behaviour during the recycling process.

Reusable materials
We ensure the systematic separation of all production waste, making a point of recycling it or disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way.

Energy generation
The photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our buildings generate renewable energy.

Utilisation of waste heat
The specific purpose of having a heat recovery system installed on our presses is to utilise waste heat for heating purposes throughout our company, with needs-based conversion into heating/cooling power for year-round climate control in buildings.

Green electricity
We use 100% green electricity generated from hydropower.

Dispatch and logistics
We reduce unnecessary plastic packaging, use companies such as GoGreen for climate-neutral parcel shipment and utilise empty runs for large quantities.

Climate-neutral printing
We calculate and offset unavoidable CO2 emissions using certified climate protection projects (Gold Standard, VCS, CDM) as the final step for all environmental measures.