With the re-certification Blauer Engel, the Druckstudio Gruppe reaffirms its commitment to greater sustainability.

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Green printing along the entire production chain instead of green washing. This has been the motto of the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Gruppe for more than 10 years. Since March 2020, the Druckstudio Gruppe has been allowed to label its print products with the German government’s prestigious Blauer Engel eco-label. This summer, the Düsseldorf-based company successfully passed the re-certification process.

In contrast to many certificates and standards in the industry, the Blauer Engel label does not distinguish individual processes or products within the scope of print production, but takes a look at the entire value chain and demands particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing and delivery processes and sustainable materials. “We are able to meet these high requirements because we have integrated sustainability as a central component of our corporate strategy for more than a decade,” says managing director Werner Drechsler, outlining the company’s orientation. “In 2008, we established our internal Green Team, whose task is to make our entire value chain more environmentally friendly according to the highest standards. So far we have been very successful.”

Re-certification with the Blauer Engel label confirms this extraordinary commitment. Thanks to continuous development aimed at making all printing processes even more environmentally friendly, the Druckstudio Gruppe now also meets the even stricter requirements of the eco-label with regard to printing inks. These are now also PFAS-free (free of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds).  PFAS compounds or their degradation products are very persistent in the environment and are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Sustainable production through safety, transparency and credibility
This past April, the Druckstudio Gruppe also received a re-certification for its environmental management system at the site in accordance with the requirements of the environmental standard EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). “The EMAS certification serves as additional proof that we really do manufacture environmentally friendly products and have aligned our business activities in such a way that we reduce the negative impact on the environment step by step,” explains Drechsler. The EMAS certification also shows that Druckstudio Gruppe is not only fulfilling its obligations to protect the environment, but is also continuously improving its environmental performance beyond legal requirements.

The independent industry service UmDEX (https://www.umdex.de/umdex-website/) certifies the Düsseldorf-based company a top position among environmentally friendly printers in German-speaking countries. The Druckstudio Gruppe is in the first place.

“Our broad range of measures and products shows that for us it is not about selective green washing or short-term actions, but about a holistic and long-term sustainability concept,” says Drechsler. In green printing Druckstudio Gruppe relies on environmentally friendly materials, processes and technologies throughout the entire print production process. These range from certified quality, environmental and energy management systems to recycled papers and environmentally friendly vegetable oil-based inks and varnishes to low-chemical printing plates and the complete elimination of IPA alcohol. Thus the Druckstudio Gruppe reduces emissions of ozone-depleting substances and makes an important contribution to greater environmental protection. With green electricity, photovoltaics and a heat recovery system, the company also ensures that its operations are climate-neutral – in terms of the two largest CO2 emitters, heat and electricity.

“Ongoing commitment to more sustainability is a matter close to our hearts, from which our customers also benefit,” affirms Werner Drechsler. “With us, our customers are able to  implement and communicate the sustainability of their products and services to the outside world through a wide variety of print products in a credible and transparent way. With us, the customer can think sustainability one step further.”

About Druckstudio Gruppe
The Druckstudio Gruppe offers its customers the complete portfolio of an innovative print and media service provider in the high-quality segment. The company is organised in two business units: Druckstudio GmbH covers premium sheetfed offset and digital printing. Druckstudio Interactive is dedicated to digital publishing, multi-channel publishing, digital asset management and database publishing. Started in 1977 as a one-man quick print shop in Düsseldorf’s city centre, the company in the south of Duesseldorf is now a print and media service provider in the premium segment with 50 employees and an annual turnover of around 10 million euros. The Druckstudio Gruppe has already won several national and international industry awards, most recently “Commercial Printer of the Year” at the Druck & Medien Awards.

The corporate strategy of the media service provider is strongly focused on sustainability: The company has also received several awards for its environmental commitment and is one of the most environmentally friendly printers in Europe. The basis for the company’s success is also an ethically oriented corporate culture based on transparency, openness and participation.


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