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Top of the agenda – certified quality

We work constantly and dynamically on certifying our services and products. This is because we want to offer our customers the greatest possible security and transparency. We are committed to complying with the strict quality standards and the requirements of the testers. They help us to consistently enhance our performance in all areas.

Among other things, our company is certified to EMAS, the world’s highest environmental standard. Our Blue Angel certification, currently the most stringent and credible ecolabel in the printing sector by far, guarantees the highest environmental standard for print products. Certification to the internationally recognised standards for quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001) and environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001), as well all our other certifications, confirm our consistently strong focus on quality and the energy-efficient, ecofriendly production of our print products and media services.

Certification to environmental standard EMAS

EMAS guarantees compliance with the highest environmental standards worldwide. The certification provides transparent and verifiable evidence of the effective way we are helping to protect the environment. ▸ more

Certification to DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management)

This certification confirms our active and successful commitment to environmental protection. ▸ more

Certification to DIN ISO 9001 (quality management)

This certification confirms our consistent commitment to quality. ▸ more

Certification in line with the criteria of the
Blue Angel (DE-UZ 195)

This certification serves as evidence that an exceptionally ecofriendly approach is being pursued throughout the entire print production value chain.
▸ more

Certificate for climate-neutral printing

Since August 2008 Druckstudio has stepped up its commitment to climate protection by offering the option of climate-neutral printing. ▸ more


Druckstudio GmbH has been FSC-certified since July 2007 to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. ▸ more

Druckstudio Group certified as GREEN BRAND

The Druckstudiogruppe has been certified with the international “GREEN BRAND” award since July 2021. ▸ more

Certification to DIN ISO 12647 (Printing Process Standard)

Druckstudio GmbH has been certified in accordance with ISO-12647 since 2006. ▸ more

The Quality Seal Digital Printing QSD guarantees you the best possible quality at all times.

The Druckstudiogruppe has been certified with the Quality Seal Digital Printing (QSD for short) since 2019. ▸ more

Druckstudio GmbH certified as an Ökoprofit company

The Ökoprofit-certification rewards our commitment to environment. ▸ more

100% green electricity

That means highly eco-friendly and completely CO2-free renewable energy generated by hydropower plants. ▸ more