Database publishing –
faster results with automated layout design

Do you want to produce technical catalogues, price lists and brochures automatically and error-free while keeping outlay to a minimum? We’re here to help!

Taking into account the requirements of everyone involved, we can work with you to analyse your existing workflows and identify potential for improvement and new solutions. Indeed, process optimisation and increasing production reliability are absolutely crucial, particularly for complex projects in multiple languages that involve a high level of time pressure. The key here is using automation systems and finding ways to overcome media discontinuities.

The principles of database publishing are simple – existing data sources are selected (e.g. PIM, ERP, CRM, CMS, XLS, etc.) and used to automatically generate a layout. The system then ensures that the content of your layouts always matches your data sources.


How database publishing works


Any changes made to this data – an improved product description, for instance, or new publicity texts or prices – are displayed in the layout and can be updated automatically. This means changes no longer have to be emailed around and updated manually. It also cuts down on revision cycles – thus saving both time and money. If you also want to take a closer look at your media production process in its entirety and structure it in a clearer way, there is a whole new world of opportunities available to you. You can use this improved efficiency for promotional activities that previously would have been far too time-consuming.

The advantages of database publishing:

  • Hoch automatisierte und effiziente Erstellung von zielgruppenspezifischen Werbemitteln
  • Highly automated and efficient creation of publicity materials for specific target groups
  • Time savings and reduced external costs thanks to content being corrected automatically
  • Creation of open InDesign documents that can then be edited and designed as required
  • Better use of existing data sources for online, digital and print output
  • Quick, automated creation of versions in a range of different languages ¥ Optimisation of your media production processes
  • Greatly reduced time-to-market for your product information
  • Greater productivity
  • Reinforcement of your corporate identity thanks to standardised layouts
  • Products can be communicated more effectively to the relevant target groups thanks to customised content and filtering
  • Increased effectiveness of communication – gaining you time for building up your promotional activities
  • Increased ROI for your product information management (PIM) system

In combination with our WoodWing editorial and multi-channel publishing system, you can make the most of all the benefits of a state-of-the-art media production system – from fully or partially automated media creation to subsequent monitoring, corrections and approvals in a cutting-edge publishing system that works across different platforms and locations.

Our database and multi-channel publishing specialists are happy to support you with advice and a demonstration of our portfolio.