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Here in the service area, we provide you with information on uploading and approving your data, as well as assistance on preparing data for perfect printing. And if you get stuck, just contact us.

Automated PDF workflow

Our online platform for data exchange, soft proof and print approval
Our workflow system provides you with a quality-assured workflow for your files. Using your web browser, you can upload data quickly and easily. The softproof provides you with a print-ready preview of your data. And, of course, you can also take care of print approval right away online.

  • Platform-independent web interface for data delivery and print approval
  • Hierarchical user and release management
  • High-resolution soft proofing directly in the browser
  • Powerful prepress engine for consistent rendering and quality control
  • Intuitive application for revision and approval

Data transfer

We offer you various options for sending us your data. We process your PDF files directly via our workflow system. For all other data, we will be happy to provide you with upload access. You can find all information about data upload at Data transfer.

Useful links & downloads for your media production

A detailed description of how to create correct PDF files from common layout programs is provided in the PDF/X Guide, which can be downloaded free of charge from the PDFX-ready homepage. 

Also recommended for the correct creation of print-ready data is cleverprinting’s free online brochure “PDF/X and Color Management”, which we recommend as reading and a manual. 

The latest ICC color profiles for standardized print production according to Process Standard Offset (PSO) can be found in the download area of the ECI (European Color Initiative). www.eci.org