Druckstudio supports children’s hospice in Düsseldorf

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The Druckstudio Group recently began supporting the “Regenbogenland” (rainbow land) children’s hospice and prints an informative newspaper free of charge for the establishment. Through this sponsorship, the print shop is expanding its social commitment as part of its sustainability strategy.

Werner Drechsler, Managing Director of Druckstudio GmbH, presented the first copy fresh from the press to Astrid Elbers, patron of the Regenbogenland hospice, on Monday. “We want to actively support Regenbogenland in its important work. Printing the newspaper is our contribution”, emphasised Drechsler. 10,000 copies of the newspaper are printed two to four times a year. The eight-page publication contains important information for friends, members and patrons of the association. The newspaper is produced on a carbon-neutral basis and printed on environmentally friendly paper certified according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) criteria.

Sustainability has been a cornerstone of the Druckstudio Group’s corporate philosophy for many years. Its primary objective is to minimise the overall environmental impact of the company’s work based on the motto “avoid, reduce, offset”.

Druckstudio has been active in the local community and supported AIDS-Hilfe in Düsseldorf for over 20 years. The company also supports Sterntaler Düsseldorf e.V., a non-profit-making association which helps children and young persons in need. It does so through financial support.