Blue Angel and EMAS certifications affirm the Druckstudio Group’s commitment to greater sustainability

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The Düsseldorf-based company pursues green printing principles throughout the entire production chain

This May, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group was given permission to display the Blue Angel, the ecolabel of the German federal government, on its print products. Earlier, in March, the company was also certified to the European environmental standard EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). Both certifications are the result of Druckstudio’s long-standing dedication to greater sustainability in print production and – together with a string of national and international awards, not to mention environmental, quality and energy management certificates – reflect the company’s consistent focus on protecting our planet.

Unlike many certificates and standards in the industry, the Blue Angel is not limited to individual processes or products in print production. Instead, it takes into account the entire value chain and calls for exceptionally eco-friendly manufacturing and delivery processes and sustainable materials. “We are able to meet these stringent requirements because we have incorporated sustainability as a core component of our corporate strategy for over a decade,” says Managing Director Werner Drechsler, adding: “In 2008, we founded our internal Green Team, which is tasked with making our entire value chain more eco-friendly in line with the highest standards. The Blue Angel certification is further proof that we have succeeded in doing exactly that.”

Top quality and sustainability across Europe
In March 2020, the environmental management system in place at the Druckstudio Group was certified to the environmental standard EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). “The EMAS certification provides further credible evidence that we genuinely manufacture eco-friendly products and have designed our business operations to gradually reduce their negative impact on the environment,” explains Drechsler. In his opinion, the EMAS certification also shows that Druckstudio is going above and beyond its statutory obligations to protect the planet and is continuously stepping up its efforts in this regard.

The independent industry service UmDEX ( places the Druckstudio Group at the very top of the leader board for environmentally friendly print shops in German-speaking countries.

“Our wide range of activities and products shows that instead of focussing on random greenwashing or short-lived gestures, we are pursuing a comprehensive, long-term sustainability concept,” says Drechsler. When it comes to green printing, Druckstudio invests in eco-friendly materials, processes and technologies in the entire print production process. Examples range from certified quality, environmental and energy management systems, recycled paper and eco-friendly inks and coatings based on vegetable oil right through to printing plates with a low chemical content and the complete elimination of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). In this way, the Druckstudio Group is reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances and thus playing a key role in improving environmental protection. By using green electricity, photovoltaic solutions and a heat recovery system, the company is also ensuring that – with regard to heating and electricity, the two biggest causes of CO2 emissions – its operations are climate-neutral.

“In our eyes, ongoing commitment to greater sustainability is a matter of true importance – and our customers benefit from this,” Drechsler points out. “With us, they can make their portfolio sustainable using a whole range of print products and communicate this externally in a credible, transparent manner. We help customers take sustainability to the next level.”

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