Best supply partner 2020 – Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group wins the z:award for the second time

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For the second time, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group has received the z:award in the category “Supply Partner Excellence Award”, which the Zetweka Print & Production Management agency presents in recognition of outstanding performance by its supply partners. This award reaffirms the Druckstudio Group’s efficient business processes, excellent delivery reliability, consistently high quality and focus on sustainability. Each year, Zetweka chooses the top supply partner of the year from its approximately 40 suppliers around the world.

z:award - 2019Druckstudio has been working with Zetweka, which specialises in the purchasing and production of high-quality print products, since 2009 and was honoured with the z:award for “Best Newcomer” in 2010. In 2012, it secured the z:award in the “Supply Partner Excellence Award” category. Since then, the Druckstudio Group has regularly featured on Zetweka’s list of constantly high-scoring partners. “Our aim is to offer our customers comprehensive and collaborative consulting and to put all their creative ideas into practice. Quality and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do as we pursue this aim,” explains Werner Drechsler, Managing Director of the Druckstudio Group. “We are extremely pleased to have won the z:award again in the face of stiff competition from so many outstanding candidates. It really encourages us to get even better.”

Each year, Zetweka selects the top supply partner from its approximately 40 international suppliers in the graphic arts industry. As well as factors such as quality, service, value for money and level of innovation, key criteria such as prompt communication, efficiency, service expertise and a pressroom with state-of-the-art equipment are crucial in its assessment. The evaluation also factors in certifications, which in this case confirm the Druckstudio Group’s focus on sustainability. Druckstudio uses a series of certifications to document its consistently strong focus on quality and its commitment to producing print products in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way. Besides the globally recognised EMAS environmental standard and the Blue Angel, which is by far the most stringent and credible ecolabel in the printing sector, these certifications also include FSC®, climate-neutral printing, the Offset Printing Process Standard, and ISO certifications for quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). “We set high standards for both ourselves and our partners. Reliability, quality and a focus on sustainability are a central part of this,” explains Jürgen Klusch, Managing Director of Zetweka. “Druckstudio has best met our needs this year.”

Cologne-based company Zetweka is a print supply chain management specialist and handles the project management, purchasing, production and distribution of print products for its international customers. It has been honouring its top suppliers with the z:award in the “Supply Partner Excellence Award” category every year since 2009.