Druckstudio Group trainees present “Regenbogenland” newspaper to Dr. Vera Geisel

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The newspaper of the Regenbogenland children’s hospice has been published every spring and autumn since 2004. Since October 2010, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group has produced the newspaper in runs of 10,000.

Regenbogenland_logoProducing the Regenbogenland newspaper is a project carried out by the Druckstudio Group’s trainees. From job acceptance, layout and image processing right through to printing and finishing, the Regenbogenland newspaper is the responsibility of up-and-coming media designers, printers, bookbinders and office communications operatives.

The trainees that made up the team this year were:

Graphics / prepress: Jan Erik Strack, Sebastian Lorse, Robin Schaegner

Printing: Eduard Ehrentraut, Niroshan Jeyabalan, Rajiv Nehring

Postpress: Jonas Langen

Office communications: Miriam Zohri

What’s more, the two most recent issues were produced using a state-of-the-art editorial system that made it possible for those involved to change texts and confirm approvals directly and online. The Regenbogenland newspaper is now also available in digital form, as a virtual flipbook on the website. The team proved to be highly competent, reliable and efficient, and worked together well to create an impressive final product.