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Druckstudio Group honoured as Green Brand

The Düsseldorfer Druckstudio Group is one of only a handful of printers in Germany to have been awarded the Green Brand seal of approval. The award confirms the company’s market position as one of the most environmentally friendly printers in the German-speaking world and serves as a signpost to ecologically sustainable print products for consumers and companies throughout the EU.

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FunktionenBasicBasic +PremiumAnzahl der Benutzer (Besteller)299UnbegrenztAnzahl der personalisierbaren Druck-Produkte–2UnbegrenztAnzahl der Druck-Lagerartikelmax. 5*–UnbegrenztAnzahl Werbemittel-Lagerartikel––UnbegrenztStartseite im eigenen Design––✔Standard Druckstudio-Branding & Design✔✔–Individuelles Kunden-Branding & Design––✔Benutzerregistrierung durch Druckstudio-Admin✔✔–Eigene Benutzerregistrierung––✔Anlegen mehrerer individueller Produkt-Kategorien––✔Anlegen von individuellen Benutzergruppen––✔Freigabe-Workflows–✔✔Budget-Funktion––✔Upload von Druck-PDF für konfigurierbare Druck-Produkte––✔Mindestbestand-Meldung✔✔✔Abweichende Liefer- und Rechnungsadressen möglich✔✔✔Bestellbestätigung✔✔✔Versandbestätigung inkl. -Tracking✔✔✔Sammelrechnung am Monatsende✔✔✔Hosting inkl. Backup✔✔✔SSL Verschlüsselung✔✔✔Responsive Design✔✔✔Verlinkung aus Firmenintranet möglich––✔Festlegen der Domain / URL Konfiguration––✔Schnittstellen (SAP, API oder OCI)––✔Anbindungen (Bilddatenbank, Textdatenbank, externe Dienstleister)––✔*In diesem Fall werden zusätzlich Logistik- und Fullfillmentkosten…
DM Award 2021 Finalist

Druck&Medien Awards 2021: Druckstudio Group nominated in 4 product categories

We are very pleased to have made it to the finalists of the Druck&Medien Awards 2021 again this year. We were nominated in all four product categories in which we entered. All the more excitement is now building up until the awards ceremony on 4.11.2021 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Berlin, where the winners will be announced.


Druckstudio Group certified as GREEN BRAND

The Druckstudiogruppe has been certified with the international “GREEN BRAND” award since July 2021. GREEN BRAND is an international, independent and autonomous brand evaluation organisation that awards ecologically sustainable brands. What is special about it is that the label is a registered Union trademark and thus guarantees tested, ecologically sustainable quality throughout the EU. With the registration of the GREEN BRAND quality seal as a guarantee mark, this seal –…

The Quality Seal Digital Printing QSD guarantees you the best possible quality at all times.

The Quality Seal Digital Printing QSD guarantees you the best possible quality at all times. The Druckstudiogruppe has been certified with the Quality Seal Digital Printing (QSD for short) since 2019. With the existing audit process, our competence is once again confirmed at the highest level. Consistent, high-quality results demand internal quality processes and competences. When exchanging variable data from different sources, colour deviations can occur. A QSD certified digital…

Druckstudio Group opens new sales office in southern Germany

Sustainability strategy pays off – company confident for the future Düsseldorf, 8 June 2021 – With a new sales office in Dettingen, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group is now gaining a stronger foothold in southern Germany. Thanks to its stringent strategic focus on sustainability, premium quality and digitalisation, the company has weathered the Corona year 2020 well and will now continue to expand its customer base south of Frankfurt am Main.…

ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (PSO) ISO certification for Druckstudio GmbH

Druckstudio GmbH has been certified in accordance with ISO12647-2 since 2006. Among other things, this certification documents our company’s performance and high quality standards. The ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (PSO) process standard is a central process control and quality assurance tool in the printing industry. It enables quality assurance throughout the entire production process from data acquisition to finished product. In other words, the PSO is a set of regulations for colour…