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Druck&Medien Awards 2020: Silber als „Akzidenzdrucker des Jahres“ und erneut Finalist als „Umweltorientiertes Unternehmen des Jahres“

Die Düsseldorfer Druckstudio Gruppe hat beim bedeutendsten Branchen-Wettbewerb erneut gewonnen: Der Druck- und Mediendienstleister erhielt den renommierten Druck&Medien Award in der Kategorie „Akzidenzdrucker des Jahres“. Neben der Auszeichnung in Silber gehörte Druckstudio erneut zu den Finalisten in der Kategorie „Umweltorientiertes Unternehmen des Jahres“.

Blue Angel and EMAS certifications affirm the Druckstudio Group’s commitment to greater sustainability

The Düsseldorf-based company pursues green printing principles throughout the entire production chain

This May, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group was given permission to display the Blue Angel, the ecolabel of the German federal government, on its print products. Earlier, in March, the company was also certified to the European environmental standard EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Certification to environmental standard EMAS

The Druckstudio Group is certified to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), the world’s highest environmental standard. This certification provides transparent and verifiable evidence of the effective way we are helping to protect the environment. EMAS guarantees compliance with the highest environmental standards worldwide. It verifies that companies are meeting their obligations to protect the environment and are freely choosing to continuously improve their environmental performance – and to do so…

Best supply partner 2020 – Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group wins the z:award for the second time

For the second time, the Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group has received the z:award in the category “Supply Partner Excellence Award”, which the Zetweka Print & Production Management agency presents in recognition of outstanding performance by its supply partners. This award reaffirms the Druckstudio Group’s efficient business processes, excellent delivery reliability, consistently high quality and focus on sustainability. Each year, Zetweka chooses the top supply partner of the year from its approximately 40 suppliers around the world.

Certification in line with the criteria of the Blue Angel (DE-UZ 195)

Print products from Druckstudio GmbH are certified to the criteria of the Blue Angel. This certification serves as evidence that an exceptionally ecofriendly approach is being pursued throughout the entire print production value chain. What is the Blue Angel? The Blue Angel has been the ecolabel of the federal government of Germany for over 40 years and symbolises the protection of people and the environment. Currently the most stringent and…