Certification to DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management)

The Druckstudio Group has been certified to the internationally recognised standard for environmental management (DIN ISO 14001) since 2011. This certification confirms our active and successful commitment to environmental protection.

ISO 14001 certification is the globally recognised documentation that confirms a company’s active and successful commitment to environmental protection with a focus on ongoing improvement, reducing environmental impact and ensuring legal compliance.

The Druckstudio Group’s ISO 14001 certification shows customers, partners and the interested public that the company is environmentally responsible, minimises its environmental impact and organises its activities accordingly.


  • Ongoing improvement of corporate environmental protection
  • Ensured legal compliance through systematic identification and assessment of laws and regulations
  • Reduced environmental risks
  • Improved environmental performance including environmental credentials of products and services
  • Increased staff motivation and commitment
  • Strengthened trust on the part of the public, customers, authorities, banks and insurance companies
  • Meeting customer requirements

Download certification

You can download our ISO-certification as a PDF-file here