ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (PSO) ISO certification for Druckstudio GmbH

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Druckstudio GmbH has been certified in accordance with ISO12647-2 since 2006.
Among other things, this certification documents our company’s performance and high quality standards.

The ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (PSO) process standard is a central process control and quality assurance tool in the printing industry. It enables quality assurance throughout the entire production process from data acquisition to finished product.

In other words, the PSO is a set of regulations for colour precision in the printing industry. It specifies data, film, plate, proof, final proof and contact pressure requirements. The majority of these specifications are verifiable target values which are based on international standards and therefore globally valid. They enable all the people who are involved in the printing process to very specifically work towards the final product.

It makes quality measurable, verifiable and reproducible!