Druckstudio GmbH receives the FSC Certificate

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FSC_400x250Druckstudio GmbH has been FSC-certified since July 2007 to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

What is FSC?
FSC is an international forest certification scheme. The FSC seal indicates that timber and paper are from responsibly managed forests which are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resources, the ecosystem or affected communities. The FSC seal is the most important marketing tool for the products from these forests.

What does FSC mean for you?
When you buy FSC-certified paper, you know that nobody has been exploited to produce it. There was no risk to animals or plants. You are demonstrating to your customers that you are a responsible enterprise that gives consideration to environmental issues when purchasing products.

Is the quality of FSC–certified paper good?
Yes. High-grade certified illustration and printing papers are available for all kinds of printed matter. Environmental compatibility and high quality don’t necessarily rule each other out.

The use of FSC-certified paper enables us to make an active contribution to sustaining the world’s forests.

If we’ve aroused your interest, your customer advisor at Druckstudio GmbH will be pleased to recommend FSC-certified paper for your printed matter.

Further information is available at:
Unsere FSC-Zertifizierung.