Double award – Druckstudio Group is Germany’s most eco-friendly print shop and prints the best magazines

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TDMA_12_Gewinner_500pxhe Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group has won two awards in the leading industry competition. The media service provider received the prestigious Druck&Medien Awards in the Most Environment-Oriented Company and Magazine Printer of the Year categories. In presenting the awards, the judges praised the holistic focus on sustainability and the wide range of surface finishing options for corporate publishing products. Managing Directors Dirk Puslat and Martin Piszczek accepted the two awards in Berlin on 22 November.

For the sixth time, the Druckstudio Group has successfully competed in the Druck&Medien Awards, underlining its expertise in producing high-quality print products with exceptional surface finishes that are also environmentally friendly. The award for being the Most Environment-Oriented Company of 2012 clearly shows that the holistic focus on sustainability at Druckstudio is no passing trend but a firm commitment. “We have systematically focused our business concept on sustainability in the last seven years,” says Werner Drechsler, Managing Director of the Druckstudio Group. “In doing so, we have succeeded in breaking the link between corporate growth and the consumption of resources.” The 26-strong panel of judges reserved special praise for the combination of optimum product quality, effective environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

Das Druckstudio-Team bei der Verleihung des PreisesWith five magazine entries in the Magazine Printer of the Year category, Druckstudio showed just what is possible in corporate publishing. The judges singled out the multisensory experience that appeals to all the senses through the use of various materials and surface finishing options. Unusual processing methods and a variety of finishing techniques were used to create a whole range of different “look and feel” experiences in drupa report no. 4. For drupa report no. 3, special surface finishing options were combined with high-quality substrates.

Eco-friendly print production was a primary point of focus in producing the Vaillant customer magazine “21 grad” and the Haniel staff magazine “Enkelfähig”. The magazines were printed on a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient basis with environmentally friendly consumables and FSC-certified materials.

Awards were presented to teams, individuals and companies for outstanding achievements in a total of 21 categories. TV presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes hosted this year’s award ceremony in Berlin.

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