Climate-neutral printing

Logo_klimaneutralSince August 2008, Druckstudio GmbH has stepped up its commitment to climate protection by offering its customers the option of climate-neutral printing. The print shop has been certified by the independent consultancy natureOffice.

 The choice is yours
Consumers and companies alike are increasingly looking at the green credentials of products and services in all spheres of life. This is a very encouraging development because we are convinced that the problems of the future can only be solved if we tackle them head on today. This applies in particular to CO2 emissions and the associated issue of climate change.

Climate-neutral printing with Druckstudio GmbH is your sustainable contribution to voluntary climate protection. Opt for carbon offsetting and you will receive our high-quality print products with a carbon-neutral logo – a highly effective publicity tool. zert_klimaneutral_druckstudio

Our approach to climate-neutral printing is credible, transparent and sustainable Certification and calculation by a reputable organisation 

Many different factors, such as energy and the materials we use, were analysed during the certification process at our premises. These include items such as paper, electricity, ink, cleaning agents and work-related travel. A special software package is then used to make a scientifically sound calculation of how much CO2 is generated during the production of the relevant print products.

Genuine CO2 offsetting

We offset the CO2 calculated in this way by purchasing and then cancelling high-quality CO2 emission reduction certificates for the equivalent amount.

Highest standards

CO2 offsetting is only transparent and credible if the offsetting process takes place separately from the analysis and consultancy process. Druckstudio GmbH has been certified by the independent consultancy natureOffice, and the internationally recognised non-profit-making foundation myclimate ensures credible CO2 offsetting. The exclusive use of Gold Standard certificates, which the WWF had a hand in developing, means a guaranteed reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Completely traceable

Every climate-neutral print job is given its own ID number which enables it to be traced online to see how much CO2 has been offset by which climate protection project.

Very affordable

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to play your part in climate protection. The cost of the entire process, including purchasing the certificates, only amounts to 1 to 2 percent of regular printing costs.

Ecology and economy in harmony

We are one of Germany’s most cutting-edge print shops. Our commitment to environmental protection is just as important to us as innovative printing technology because the two are directly linked. State-of-the-art printing presses use much less energy, ink and water than older models – and yet they are more productive.

We are continuously striving to further reduce our CO2 emissions in all areas. Minimising these emissions also means we need to offset less in order to achieve climate-neutral printing. This benefits our customers and the environment in equal measure.

What’s more, we give preference to paper made from wood pulp that is sourced from forests managed in a socially and environmentally responsible way and are ourselves an FSC-certified company.

Happy to help!

Our expert sales team is always on hand to answer all your questions relating to climate-neutral printing.
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